Koi & Ornamental ponds

All products and knowledge for the construction and maintenance of ponds

AquaForte stands for reliable and innovative products for the construction and maintenance of ponds. By continuously searching for innovations in the pond market and developing its own products, AquaForte can guarantee a complete and high-quality product line. The result is a clean and clear pond with optimal pond water quality.

Take a look at the different ponds and related advices, frequently asked questions and recommended products below.

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Koi ponds

“Koi carp are beautiful to look at and can be found in many ponds. The development of the colors and the growth of the fish make the pond a hobby that is constantly evolving. AquaForte specializes in products for the construction and maintenance of koi ponds, so you can enjoy your hobby to the fullest”.

Beautiful Garden With Bench And Little Pond To Relax

Ornamental / Garden ponds

“Ponds are a welcome addition to a garden. Whether it’s an ornamental pond, natural pond or mirror pond: water gives extra life to your garden. The products of AquaForte ensure optimal pond enjoyment.”

Watercourses, waterfalls and fountains

“A watercourse, waterfall or fountain in your pond is not only beautiful and soothing, but also provides aeration. They constantly enrich the pond water with oxygen. AquaForte has an extensive range of waterfalls, fountains and aeration”.

AquaForte – Product specialist in all types of ponds

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