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The importance of having sufficient oxygen in your pond

Oxygen is of crucial importance for all living organisms in your pond. It is important to keep your oxygen level at the correct level so as to prevent fish deaths and algae growth.

How do I know wether there is insufficient oxigen in my pond?

In many cases this will be obvious because the fish will move through the water slowly, gasp for air or jostle one another for the most oxygen-rich spot. These signs indicate a lack of oxygen and we advise aerating your pond at once. This can be done by getting the water surface to move as much as possible by means of, say, an air pump, fountain, waterfall or even a garden hose.

How can I solve insufficient oxygen structurally

Since you cannot always be at home to keep an eye on how your fish are behaving, AquaForte has a simple solution for keeping the oxygen level in your pond at the correct level: AquaForte Air Pumps.

Causes of insufficient oxygen:
  • Rising water temperaturein the spring and summer
  • Binding organic material at the bottom of your pond, such as leaves and uneaten food
  • Plants and algae absorb oxygen from the water at night, to gradually give it back during the day. In the morning there is therefore less oxygen
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AquaForte Air Pumps

AquaForte Air Pump HI-Flow V-Series

The V-series air pumps are very quiet and powerful. Housing is made of high quality aluminum alloy. High output and pressure thanks to double air chamber. Suitable for continuous use.
Note: Membranes are wear parts and should be replaced annually!

Type Watt Max. Head Cap. at 1,2 mtr Cap. at 2 mtr
V-10 SC400 10 2 mtr 4 ltr/min
V-20 SC402 15 2 mtr 9 ltr/min 3 ltr/min
V-30 SC404 25 2.5 mtr 17 ltr/min 7 ltr/min
V-60 SC406 35 3 mtr 57 ltr/min 40 ltr/min

AquaForte Air Pump Sets HI-Flow V-Series

Europe’s most popular air pumps are now available as complete sets with manifold, air hose (4 x 6mm) and Ø5cm air stones. For technical specifications see above.
Note: Membranes are wear parts and should be replaced annually!

Type Air stones Air hose
V-10 Set SC401 4 25 mtr
V-20 Set SC403 4 25 mtr
V-30 Set SC405 6 25 mtr
V-60 Set SC407 10 50 mtr

AquaForte Air Pumps AP-Series

New series high pressure air pumps. The air pumps have a compact size and a low power consumption. They have a low noise operation. The air pumps have an automatic power-off protection when membranes are worn out. Comes with 9 mm (AP-35 till AP-100) or 12 mm (AP-150 and AP-200) hose tail.
Note: Membranes are wear parts and should be replaced annually!

Type Watt Max. opv. hoogte Cap. op 1 mtr Cap. op 2 mtr dB
AP-30 SC451 20 2,8 mtr 30 ltr/min 13 ltr/min 32
AP-45 SC452 25 3 mtr 47 ltr/min 24 ltr/min 33
AP-60 SC453 38 3.5 mtr 73 ltr/min 45 ltr/min 35
AP-80 SC454 55 3.6 mtr 84 ltr/min 53 ltr/min 36
AP-100 SC455 65 3.8 mtr 106 ltr/min 70 ltr/min 36
AP-150 SC456 125 4.2 mtr 190 ltr/min 150 ltr/min 45
AP-200 SC457 200 4.5 mtr 250 ltr/min 200 ltr/min 46

AquaForte SA-Series Air Pumps

High pressure lair pumps with 9,5mm outlet.

  • Low energy consumption
  • Noiseless operation
  • Compact format
  • Delivered with plastic air distributor with 4 outlets of 6 mm
Type Watt Max. Head Cap. at 1 mtr Cap. at 2 mtr dB
SA-15 SC459 10 2,5 mtr 15 ltr/min 5 ltr/min 35
SA-30 SC460 20 3 mtr 30 ltr/min 15 ltr/min 35

AquaForte Professional Aeration Sets

Professional quality rubber aeration hose (also used a lot in fish farms, for example) available as ring or bar. The supplied stainless steel rods are placed inside the rubber hose to weigh it down to the bottom. This has no negative effect on the air distribution! Big advantage of this system is that it can be shipped as a small parcel. If desired, the diameter/length can be shortened to adjust the size! Hose size: 18 x 28 mm, hose tail : 19mm. The air rod has a T-piece 19mm in the middle for a better air distribution compared to a connection on only one side.

Type Output
Ring Ø300mm SC211 45 ltr/min
Ring Ø500mm SC212 75 ltr/min
Ring Ø750mm SC213 100 ltr/min
Staaf L=500mm SC209 75 ltr/min
Bar L=1000mm AP-30 SC210 150 ltr/min


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