AquaForte Installation Products

Optimal enjoyment starts at the basics

It is very important that a (swimming) pond is constructed in the right way. In addition to a good design and clear planning, it is important that you choose the right (construction) materials. AquaForte offers a wide range of materials, which you need for the construction of a (swimming) pond. Think of products for mounting and sealing, fittings, skimmers and bottom drains.

What is the added value of a skimmer and bottom drain in a pond?
Due to changing weather conditions, waste such as leaves, pollen and dead insects are regularly blown into the pond. Skimmers catch this debris so that the water surface remains clean. They prevent dirt from sinking to the bottom, where it rotates further and poses a danger to the oxygen content of the pond. AquaForte has a wide range of user-friendly skimmers (with and without pump) and wall skimmers. A bottom drain ensures that the dirt on the bottom of a swimming pond is carried away to the pre-filter.

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AquaForte Installation Products


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