AquaForte Koi- & Ornamental Fish Food

To offer nutritionally the very best to your fish

Our koi and other ornamental fish feeds are mainly designed with quality in mind, and consequently offer valuable koi the very best nutrition. Special
attention has been given to larger dose in vitamins. Both vitamin C and E have an important role in the reproductive cycle of the fish and functions as
an anti-oxidant. Besides the added vitamins the protein and energy percentages have also been increased. In addition, natural attractants were added
to the koi feeds which greatly promote the appetite of your fish! Minimum ordering quantity per box. The basic philosophy of our Private Label food is
concise: good food, great value!

Tip: Automatically feed your fish the right amount with the AquaForte Automatic Fish Feeders!

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AquaForte Supreme Mix – floating koi food

Supreme Mix is a combination 3 of the above mentioned types of: Pro-Immune,
Spirulina and Growth & Color. It is the perfect mix of immune stimulating, color- and
growth enhancing food in a single bag.

Supreme Mix 5 ltr container (±2 kg) medium pellets (6mm) SF851
Supreme Mix 15kg (±40 liter) medium pellets (6mm) SF854


AquaForte Basic Mix – Basic food for ornamental fish

A mix of 4 different pellets, high-quality basic food for all Carp-like fish (e.g. Koi, Carp, Comet, Goldfish).
Average analysis: Crude protein: 32,3%, crude fat: 4%, fibres: 4,5%, ash: 5,6%.

Basic 5 ltr container (± 1,9 kg) medium pellets (6mm) SF801
Basic 15kg medium (± 40 liter) pellets (6mm) SF804
Basic 15kg (± 40 liter) small pellets (3mm) SF807


AquaForte Wheatgerm – floating koi food for low temperatures

Carp feed based on Wheatgerm is evidently ideal to give the necessary energy for the
Winter. Wheatgerm is rich in Vitamin E which inhibits the oils and fats in the pellets going
rancid. This makes them more easily storable during the Winter months without fear of
deterioration. Our Wheatgerm pellet contains 20% wheatgerm.
Quality analysis: Crude protein: 37.0%, crude fat: 6.0%, fibres: 2.5%, ash: 8.0%, vit A: 22500
IE/kg, vit D3: 3000 IE/kg, vit E: 200 mg/kg, vit C: 300 mg/kg.

Wheatgerm 5 ltr container (±1,8 kg) medium pellets (6mm) SF811
Wheatgerm 15kg (±41 liter) medium pellets (6mm) SF814



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