AquaForte Pond Filters

AquaForte (Swimming) Pond Filters for clean, clear and healthy water

A good pond filter is essential for any type of pond or swimming pond. Whether you have an ornamental pond, a magnificent koi pond or a wonderful swimming pond, the water must be optimally filtered and purified. If waste materials are not removed from the water to a sufficient extent, the water in the pond will become turbid and unhealthy.

You prevent turbid water by choosing the right pond filter. AquaForte has a wide range of various filter systems to ensure a clean and healthy pond. The filters are easy to maintain, safe and compact. So you also save a lot of space!

Tip: Add a UV-C device to kill bacteria, viruses and other harmful microorganisms such as algae that filters cannot filter out.

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AquaForte Pond and Swimming Pond Filters


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