AquaForte UV-C

Prevents (swimming) pond water from turning green

UV-C equipment is the solution for green pond water and is therefore indispensable in any (swimming) pond.

How does UV-C work?

The pond pump pumps the pond water through the UV-C unit, where it comes into contact with UV-C radiation. This radiation attacks the DNA structure of single-cell micro-organisms in the pond, such as bacteria, viruses and algae. As a result they can no longer reproduce and they disappear from the pond. The result is a clear, healthy pond without the addition of chemicals.UV-C is an environmentally friendly technique that reduces the maintenance of ponds and biopools.

Why UV-C?
  • Rapid improvement in the water quality
  • A crystal-clear pond without the addition of chemicals
  • Protects the fish against germs
  • Lower energy and maintenance costs
  • Environmentally friendly technology
  • Overdosing not possible
  • Reduces the maintenance of your pond

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AquaForte UV-C units

AquaForte Stainless Steel Power UV-C T5

Improved version of the popular UV-C unit with stainless steel housing. Now fitted with 3 connections (2 x 63mm & 1 x blind cap), plus 2 special hose tails (32/38/40/50mm) for more installation possibilities! Unit comes with a T5 lamp for an optimal performance (9000 hours). After 9000 hours the lamp still produces 80% UV-C radiation. Comes with an electronic ballast for optimal performance. Average life-time of the ballast is ḟ 5 year. The 75 watt T5 lamp has a 25.000 microwatt output. Max. pressure 2 bar. Keeps bacteria and algae under control.

Type Max. pond Flow m³/h
Power UV-C 40 Watt T5 SB620 35 m³ 15
Power UV-C 75 Watt T5 SB621 70 m³ 20

AquaForte MIDI Power UV-C

Economic version of the highly popular Power UV-C. The MIDI has a shorter stainless steel housing and a shorter T5 40/75 watt UV-C lamp. Has electronic ballast, Ø63mm PVC connections and 32/38/40/50mm hose tails.

Type Max. pond Flow m³/h
MIDI UV-C 40 watt T5 SB386 30 m³ 15
MIDI UV-C 75 watt T5 SB387 60 m³ 20

AquaForte UV-C professional

AquaForte Power Signal UV-C

Professional version of the very popular AquaForte Power UV-C. The AquaForte Power Signal UV-C is equipped with a LED timer that continuously displays the lamp status clearly in colour. LED status: green: everything okay; flashing green: almost end of lamp life; red: end of lamp life. After lamp replacement, the timer can be reset so that the countdown starts again.

The unit is made of stainless steel and has 3 connections (2 x 63 mm and 1 x blind cover), plus 2 special hose connectors (32/38/40/50mm) for even more installation options. The unit is equipped with a T5 lamp for optimum operation (9000 hours). Comes with electronic ballast for optimum operation. Average lifespan of the ballast is ± 5 years. The T5 lamp provides a radiation value of 25,000 microwatts. Working pressure maximum 2 bar. Keeps bacteria and algae under control.

Type Max. pond Flow m³/h
Power Signal UV 75 watt SB396 70 m³ 15

AquaForte Prime Buster UV-C

  • Professional UV-C units for large ponds.
  • Optimum water flow due to smart design.
  • Easy to install.
  • Transparent lamp head for easy visual inspection.
  • Stainless steel 316L housing.
  • Available with 1x 140 watt or 3x 140 watt amalgam lamp.
  • Base has adjusting screws for levelling.
  • The adjusting screws can also be mounted in the ‘back’ of the base and cover for horizontal use.
  • The 420 watt version has a built-in flow switch.
Type Max. pond Flow m³/h Diameter Length
Buster UV-C 140W SB394 100 m³ 30 114mm 950mm
Buster UV-C 420W SB394 300 m³ 40 219mm 950mm

AquaForte Immersion UV-C

AquaForte Tank UV-C

This UV-C amalgam lamp is mounted in a filter wall by means of a screw-through. In this way, a filter can easily be fitted with a UV-C lamp without the pump having to deal with pressure loss. The Tank UV-C is available in four models, the Signal models have an LED hour timer:

  • Tank UV-C 40 watt and 80 watt amalgam.
  • Tank Signal UV-C 40 watt and 80 watt amalgam.


  • LED Timer Tank Signal UV-C: If the LED turns green, the lamp lights up within the normal service life, starts flashing green, the UV-C lamp needs to be replaced within 500 hours and when LED turns red, the UV-C lamp needs to be replaced as soon as possible.
  • Maximum wall thickness for installation in the filter is 20 mm.
  • Throughput fits into a hole of Ø48 mm.
  • Max. pressure/depth: 1 bar/9 meter.
  • Installation length lamp 40 watt amalgam 36 cm and 80 watt amalgam 62 cm.
Tank UV-C 40W amalgam SB360
Tank UV-C 80W amalgam SB361
Tank Signal UV-C 40 watt amalgam SB359
Tank Signal UV-C 80 watt amalgam SB358

AquaForte Immersion UV-C Parts Set

UV-C Spare parts set consisting of:
1 x ballast
1 x UV-C replacement lamp
1 x quartz sleeve

Please note: The parts set must be installed by a reputable specialist company in accordance with DIN EN 60335.

Dompel UV-C 40 watt spare parts set SB380
Dompel UV-C 75 watt spare parts set SB381
Dompel UV-C 40 watt amalgam spare parts set SB382
Dompel UV-C 80 watt amalgam spare parts set SB382



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