AquaForte Water Treatment

Pond and Swimming Pond water in top condition!

To fully enjoy your pond, swimming pond or biopool it is important that your water is in top condition. To keep your water in top condition, you should regularly check your water values and add water treatment and water improvement agents. Discover the products of AquaForte, with which you can achieve, restore and maintain the natural balance in your water!

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AquaForte Water Treatment Products

Microbe-Lift by AquaForte

The organic products from Microbe-Lift ensure each season that your pond water is optimal and thus save you the necessary maintenance. How can I do this? By boosting the natural processes in your pond at the right time. In this way, the harmful processes in your pond are cut down at an early stage. As a result, you do not suffer from, for example, algae and dirt that accumulates in your filter, but you also prevent the formation of sludge on the bottom so that harmful gases resulting from this do not affect the water quality. In most cases this halves the maintenance that has to be done later.

Specialized in water treatment with the good bacteria naturally present in the (swimming) pond water


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